A “Reel” Experience – Sherri & Ryan

We shot Sherri and Ryan’s wedding on May 28th — a month ago today — and we delivered their video to them last week. They are thrilled with their video and wrote us a nice letter:

Hey there! Wow! Couldn’t be happier! I’m so glad we decided to do videography. Definitely helped me remember so much and see so many guests I didn’t think I saw. The day happened so fast and I love that this allows me to actually go back and be a guest at our own wedding.┬áThere’s so much Ryan and I have been wondering and you guys have it all on video! There’s still so much I want to watch again! I can’t believe how amazing it is, and how much footage there is, how much was covered & the way it was all put together! It blew away any expectation I had. You & Cael work so hard, together, it’s inspiring.┬áThank you thank you thank you so much for all your hard work. I’m beyond amazed & can’t wait to show it off!”

Sherri and Ryan had one of the most unique grand entrances we’ve seen for a while. Their wedding was at Hutchins Street Square in Lodi and they had close to 400 guests, so you can imagine how many tables there must have been! They decided that once they were introduced, they weren’t going to make a bee-line for their head table. Instead, they quickly visited each table and then ended up at the head table for their first dance. It actually took a lot of timing and coordination for them to pull it off. For us, it’s one of the harder things we had to shoot because of the fast pace and the size of the room and it’s just hard trying to maneuver through so many people, but I think we did a pretty good job of covering it. Since they told us ahead of time they were planning to do this, we even put a mic on Ryan so we could hear what they were saying as they were going around to their guests.

We pride ourselves in not missing a moment of our clients’ wedding day and even though this was pretty challenging, I think we pulled it off. See for yourself: