No. 227 – Andrea and Robert

Every good wedding needs a lot of laughs, some cursing, and even some blood shed, and we certainly got that yesterday with Andrea and Robert’s wedding at Park Ultra Lounge in Sacramento. Among their close family and friends, the couple tied the knot after knowing each other a mere 15 years! We really enjoyed filming this fun couple, who weren’t above laughing at themselves on their special day. From Ande’s Starbucks bouquet to Robert’s Chuck Taylors, the couple made sure to have the relaxed, casual wedding that suited their personality perfectly. And if you are wondering where the blood shed fit into all of this, those same Converse All-Stars didn’t hold up too well when Robert broke the glass at the end of the ceremony. That Mazel Tov cost Robert a chunk of his foot and caused him to hobble around the rest of the night. But I suspect they wouldn’t have it any other way! Here’s a sneak peek at their ceremony:

Andrea and Robert from Reel to Real Video on Vimeo.