Tip: Consider a Live Band

It’s been a while since we have posted a tip on our blog (too busy trying to keep our heads above water with all the weddings we’ve been shooting!), but recently we shot Francesca and James’ wedding and it reminded us how great it is when there’s a live band. It used to be that live bands were a must at weddings. Nowadays, we rarely shoot a wedding with a live band. Maybe it’s the movie the “Wedding Singer” or just the stigma that all they play is elevator music, but it seems like live bands went away in favor of DJs playing music. However, take it from us — you really should consider hiring a live band for your wedding. Whenever we shoot a wedding that has one, the dance party is so much more lively and crazy than when there’s a DJ. There’s something about a live band that gets your guests out on the dance floor, and more importantly keeps them there. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but when there is a live band you’ll see the old folks out there so much more so than when it’s just a DJ playing music. In the case of Francesca and James, they hired the local Sacramento band, Hip Service, and it was one of their best wedding purchases – other than hiring a videographer 🙂 Their dance floor was packed the whole night, and not just with the young people. Plus the band was interactive with the crowd, which really helped keep everyone entertained and out on the floor. Of course, there are budget considerations for any wedding purchase, but take it from us, you won’t be disappointed if you invest in a live band! Here’s a sneak peek of their open dancing:

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