No. 237 – Laura and Obinna

Yesterday we stayed close to home and shot our first wedding at the beautiful Sacramento Grand Ballroom. Laura and Obinna found love in Texas and traveled to her hometown to make it official in front of their family and friends. Being from two different cultures, it was important for them to blend elements from both of their backgrounds to honor both sides of their family. So once the party got underway, they ditched their tuxedo and gown and changed into traditional Nigerian attire. The couples’ love for athletics and fun brought them together and they definitely brought that attitude to their wedding. Their enthusiasm was evident from their recessional (didn’t even wait to be introduced before they bolted down the aisle!) to their grand entrance (where Obinna leap-frogged over Laura). The couple is headed back to Texas and we are now tasked with giving them a video that they’ll treasure forever. Their grand entrance was something that everyone was sure to be talking about today, so we have included a sneak peek of it below: