No. 245 – Zayra and Mike

On Friday we kicked off our double-header weekend by shooting Zayra and Mike’s wedding at Arden Hills. After 8 years of being together and two beautiful children later, Zayra and Mike decided to make it official in front of their family and friends at Arden Hills’ Courtyard ceremony site. Their ceremony featured their son carrying the rings in a briefcase (secret service style) and it ended with a rendition of “All you need is love” courtesy of the officiant and their bridal party. This couple definitely doesn’t like to be ordinary, so at the reception, guests were treated to the couples’ choreographed first dance mash-up as well as the groom standing on the head table to profess his love and thanks. All in all, the day was perfect for this super nice couple and they got some gorgeous photos thanks to the picturesque grounds at Arden Hills and the expertise of their photographer — Sam from Sharpe Photography ( He’s one of our favorite photographers to work with! We’re headed off to shoot our next wedding, but in the meantime, enjoy this clip from their ceremony: