No. 325 – Natalie and Nick


Client: Natalie & Nick

Date: August 1, 2015

Ceremony & Reception Location: The Firehouse Restaurant, Old Sacramento, CA

Natalie dress Family ties Natalie and Nick’s marriage was obviously a coming together of two families but it was also the creation of a new family as Nick became a step-father to Natalie’s daughter Isla. It was so cute seeing the interaction between the three of them all day! You’ll notice in the ceremony preview that Isla couldn’t be happier about the marriage.

Stunning dress! Natalie’s dress was simply gorgeous and the open back of the dress was a show-stopper!

Too cute I know the wedding was supposed to be about Natalie and Nick but Isla was just too cute and such a trooper all evening. The cutest moment of the night occurred when Isla serenaded her parents with the song “Lava.” She owned that stage!


Bravo!: I am a big fan of providing a ceremony program at a wedding and I loved Natalie and Nick’s. It was informative yet it was written with such humor and really conveyed the couple’s personality. It’s also great when a diagram is provided showing who is who in the bridal party!

wine bottle

Great Idea!: One of the great things about The Firehouse as a venue is that it’s so lush and elegant that it doesn’t require much added decor. So instead of elaborate centerpieces the couple went with very simplistic wine bottles that doubled as a thank you to their guests. They also ran with a “wine” theme and used corks as place card holders and even in the boutonnieres!