No. 326 – Ariel and Nick


Client: Ariel & Nick

Date: August 8, 2015

Ceremony Location: General Vallejo’s Home, Sonoma, CA

Reception Location: Depot Hotel, Sonoma, CA

Setting: Obviously General Vallejo’s Home provides a picturesque backdrop for a ceremony, but what we particularly enjoyed was that it was within walking proximity to the reception venue. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their bridal party walked to the reception along the walking trail between the venues and it made for some really fun footage of them singing and having fun during the five minute walk.

Good idea! Ariel and Nick are really fortunate to come from loving families that haven’t suffered from divorces. So they wanted to recognize and honor the tradition of love in their families by placing photos on the dinner tables of their parents and grandparents on their wedding day.

Great footage: Their bridal party keep us entertained the whole night! From serenading the newlyweds during the photo shoot to busting a move on the dance floor, we aren’t lacking in footage of their friends!

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