No. 330 – Veronica and Greg

Client: Veronica and Greg

Date: August 30, 2015

Ceremony & Reception Location: Grand Island Mansion, Walnut Grove, CA

Best One-Liner: From Greg’s poem he wrote to Veronica — “When we initially met I saw you as one sexy lady, but as we stand here today I refer to you strictly as Baby…” Check out the preview clip before to see how he delivered the line complete with gestures!

2015-08-31 09.16.38It’s All in the Details: Veronica was super creative with all the little details at her wedding. She had guests write their name on a wooden heart and it created a unique display. She skipped the usual vase for her centerpieces and went with giant martini glasses instead. She even put a lot of thought into her napkins — making the cutest bride & groom napkin holders.

heart frame 2

Memorable Moment: Veronica’s bridesmaid Marla brought the house down with her rendition of “I Will Survive” as her toast to the bride and groom!

Teamwork! We love working with vendors as a team to achieve the best for our clients and Veronica and Greg assembled a fantastic team who we always enjoy working with! Once again Joan with Beautiful by Nature ( did a fantastic job bringing Veronica’s vision to reality. Sam & Harry’s creativity with the photography provided lots of footage for us. Check out more of their work @ Rev. Prima Diva ( oversaw a beautiful ceremony¬†despite sweltering temperatures! And finally DJ Mitch¬†( kept the party moving along and entertaining and made sure to always keep us in the loop. It’s a pleasure working with such professionals and working together as a team pays off with a successful wedding for the client!

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