No. 337 – Amanda and Ryan

Client: Amanda and Ryan

Date: October 3, 2015

Ceremony & Reception Location: Courtyard D’ORO, Sacramento, CA

The Setting: Courtyard D’ORO provides such a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. Nestled among Old Sacramento’s historic buildings, the tree-lined courtyard is gorgeous and very private. Following the garden ceremony, guests were welcomed inside the newly remodeled banquet room that was perfect for Amanda and Ryan’s elegant reception.

Yum!: In lieu of a traditional cake, Amanda and Ryan set up a dessert station featuring some of the yummiest cookies we’ve had a in a while! It’s so great when couples think outside the box and don’t just go for what’s traditional!

Too funny: One of the funniest moments of the wedding actually happened to US as we were setting up our gear before the wedding. Out of nowhere, a praying mantis starts climbing up Cael’s shirt. We must have been a sight to be seen as Cael was screaming, “Get it off me!” and I was trying to bat it off without hurting it. Supposedly they are good luck and luckily that situation didn’t happen during the ceremony!

Check out this sneak peek of their ceremony: