Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

We consider our style to be documentary coverage. We always cringe when we it’s called “reality tv” because typically reality tv footage is very shaky and ours is not. But it is like reality tv in the sense that we see our job as following you along and filming what happens. We aren’t posing you, dipping you, twirling you and asking you to do a lot of unnatural things for our cameras. We like it best when you and your guests don’t even realize that we are there. This style is opposed to a cinematic style which is popular among some wedding videographers. Don’t get us wrong, we think the cinematic style is very beautiful and there are videographers out there that do jaw-dropping work, but it comes at a cost. With a cinematic style, a lot of time and attention is given to each artistic shot and that comes at the expense of complete event coverage. The clients that work with us prefer that we focus on not missing a minute of their entire day instead of focusing so much on a few beautiful shots.

Can I pick the songs for the video?

In most instances, clients do not select their own music for the video. First off, as a bride don't you have enough on your plate already? Do you really want to spend a lot of time previewing songs? You've hired us based on our style and our experience. Videos always turn out better when we select a song that works perfectly with the mood of the video and we edit the clips to the beat of that song. It's really hard for clients to pick songs without knowing what the footage looks like. It's best to leave it up to the professionals! For clients who can’t give up control and MUST  select their own song - we can give you a link to the music licensing website we use and you can preview the songs on there and let us know which song you want for the highlight video.

Why can't popular music be used?

As a professional videography business we are not allowed to use copyrighted, popular music in our videos, especially if they are going to end up online. But don’t worry, this isn’t elevator music and we thoughtfully pick music that fits with your wedding’s theme and mood. If you don’t like a song, you can always ask us to make a change at the proofing stage. 

How do you handle deposits/final payments?

Many brides are surprised to find that videography is something that can fit within their budget. Not only are our prices very reasonable for what we offer (two camera operators, 4 HD cameras), but unlike many wedding vendors, we work with you on your deposit schedule and final payment. We only require half of the package price to shoot the wedding. The final payment is not due until after the wedding when we have the video finished – usually approx. three months. We are confident in our work and we trust our clients, so we don’t feel a need to force our clients to pay everything up front before we even show up to the wedding. For us, preserving memories is our main goal and money comes secondary. So if you really like our work and want to work with us, accommodations can always be made.

Why do you charge sales tax?

We’d love it if we didn’t have to charge our customers sales tax. However, the State of California wouldn’t love us if we did that. Even though we are providing a service, since the culmination of our service results in a tangible product (a disc or even a USB stick) then it is something that is taxable by law. Other vendors may tell you that they don’t charge sales tax, but you should be wary of someone willing to break the law in order to obtain your business. It’s always best to select licensed, insured and law-abiding vendors.

What is the difference between the full length video and the highlight video and how long are they typically?

Unlike other videographers that give you just a short form version of your wedding, we provide our customers both a full length version of their wedding and a short form (what we call a highlight video). There is no set amount of time for the full length video; it’s not like we are going to cut things out of the video to fit a certain time frame. The length of the full length video really depends on your event – how long the ceremony is, how many toasts you have, how many events are on the agenda, whether you have us film you getting ready or not. It can be anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours long, but the important thing to remember is that everything that is on the agenda you will see in its entirety (ceremony, grand entrance, toasts, first dance, parent dances, cake, tosses, etc.). Other videographers may ask, “Why would you want to watch all of that?” Why – because it’s your wedding and it’s footage of you and all of your family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to be able to sit down and watch their wedding from beginning to end and not miss a moment? And this isn’t your parents’ wedding video with a camera in the back of the room that would bore you to tears. It’s all up close and from a variety of angles that is nicely edited. Sure, you may not have the time to watch the full length video all the time, that’s why in addition to the full length video we provide you with a highlight video. It’s a nicely edited, condensed version of the day. It’s perfect to share with your friends and family if you don’t want to bore them with the full length version.

How quickly can I expect my video?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of it taking over a year to get a wedding video. Not with us! One of the reasons we set up our final payment as we do is to ensure that you will get your video in a timely fashion – because we want to get paid! So there’s motivation on our end to get you the video as quickly as possible. Bet you those people who have had to wait years for their video paid their videographer in full before the wedding. It takes about 40-60 hours of editing time to complete your video, so if you have already been paid for that work, it’s hard to get motivated to sit in front of the computer for that long. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely aren’t rushing the video just to get paid, but it is a nice motivator. So back to the original question…we usually tell clients to expect a three month turnaround but you never know your wedding may be early in the season and you might be shocked how quickly you receive it! 

Why do you use so many cameras when other companies don’t?

We use four cameras at the ceremony and we don’t charge you per camera. That many cameras comes standard with any package. We do this because we feel like in order to adequately cover the event, you need to use that many cameras. Remember, our style is documentary so for us it is crucial that you see every minute of your ceremony. If we were cinematic and just trying to get a few key artistic shots, then it wouldn’t be as necessary. It’s also a bonus to use that many cameras because it makes it easier for your photographer. If he/she or a guest steps in front of one of our cameras, no big deal. We can cut to another angle. Surprisingly, using that many cameras also makes us less disruptive during the ceremony. We position them along the sides and in the back, so we are never buzzing around you up at the altar and distracting your guests (and also ending up in all of your photos!). You might ask, “If there are two of you, how do you operate four cameras?” We quietly float back forth between the cameras to get them framed properly and with our years of experience we know where we need to be at any given time during the ceremony.

Can I make changes to the video?

Yes, we do allow you to proof the video. Typical changes include removing something that’s embarrassing, changing out a song that you might not like, or fixing a mistake that we made. We have had rare occasions where we had to charge for proof corrections, usually because a guest at the wedding is no longer a friend and the client wants all instances of them removed from the video. Something of that nature would incur additional charges. Had they informed us before we edited the video, it would have been no problem. So in that case it would have been best had they told us before we finished editing the video that they were going to want that done because we could have easily accommodated that request.

What is your priority at the wedding?

We see our main job as giving you complete coverage of your day. Our job is to capture every moment and do so without being obtrusive. We strive to capture all the little details and all the special moments all while making you feel as comfortable as possible. We love it when after the wedding we hear, “I didn’t even realize you were there for that!” Of course the quality of the video is also of upmost importance. We strive for focused, well-framed shots. We try to be as creative as possible without compromising our number one goal of total event coverage.

How far in advance should I book?

That’s hard to say. We can only book one event per day, so once a date is booked it’s gone. Sometimes people book us a year in advance and sometimes it’s just a few months, it really depends on the time of year and whether it’s a Saturday wedding or not. If you know that you want to work with us, it’s best to get on our calendar as soon as you can and we can work with you on the deposit schedule if needed. It’s always heartbreaking to turn people away because they waited too long.

Will you match another videographer’s price?

We feel that when you really compare apples to apples (number of cameras, number of camera operators, HD quality coverage, full length and highlight video, etc.) we are the best deal in town for the money. So for that reason we don’t price match another videographer. Maybe on the surface their price might seem better, but when you break it down, in our eyes there is no comparison.

But I don’t really like to be on camera!

Most people feel the same way. But the beauty of our style of videography is that we aren’t asking you to be unnatural on camera for us. We hang back and just film things as they happen. Our clients tend to forget we are even there after a while. In fact, they are always posed more by their photographers than they are by us.


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Client Testimonials

“You all did such an amazing job!...we couldn't have asked for anyone better to help capture our big day!  You definitely have fans for life!...we are beyond pleased with what you guys have given us - the ability to re-live our special day whenever we want.” – Tom and Sarah, April 2011

“We got the disc yesterday and watched it (until 2AM!). It's wonderful!! You are quite talented and did a great job of portraying our entire event. And I must admit I was quite impressed on how well you were able to organize/time everything even when it was in Romanian!” – Florin and Christina, March 2011

“The video was GREAT! We both really loved it and it brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much.” – Anthony and Iris, February 2011

“Thank you again and again for making "our day" one we'll NEVER forget, and for giving us a beautiful peice of art to cherish and view for years to come.” – Theron and Dorissa, January 2011

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