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Why letting a friend videotape your wedding is not always a good idea

  • “What Did She Say?” ~ Capturing the audio from a ceremony is very important and not as easy as just using an on-camera microphone. Professionals will mic the groom as well as hook up with the DJ to capture the sound directly from the DJ’s mixer.
  • Lighting challenges ~ Consumer-grade videocameras do not do as well under low light conditions, like during an indoors ceremony or when the house lights are lowered during the reception. Professional videographers know how to deal with ever-changing lighting conditions so you’ll be able to see every moment of your day.
  • Photographer’s Worst Nightmare ~ An unexperienced videographer can really compromise your photos. You are spending a lot of money on your pictures and there’s nothing worse than having a videographer who doesn’t understand how to share the space properly so both your photos and videos will turn out great.
  • Take 2? ~ There are no re-takes with weddings. Your videographer needs to be prepared to get the shot on the first try. Someone who dabbles in video may not be equipped to handle the pressure of capturing a live event.
  • Narration ~ A professional videographer lets the day speak for itself and is very conscious of not having their own voice captured on camera. A friend often feels the need to narrate while filming. We’ve all seen the You Tube videos where the videographer is making comments about the bride as she walks down the aisle.
  • Nausea ~ A professional videographer has spent years learning how to keep the camera steady. It may be called a “handycam,” but a pro knows you don’t just palm the videocamera with one hand. Often watching two hours of footage that is shaky will leave you heading for the bathroom instead of leaving you wanting more.
  • Not always on the job ~ A friend is doing this as a favor, whereas a professional is getting paid and that makes a big difference in how they approach the day. A professional is constantly scanning the room looking for moments to capture, whereas a friend is also trying to have a good time and reconnect with friends and family. The saying, “You get what you pay for” really applies in this instance.
  • Now what? ~ Your wedding is over and your friend hands you some files - sometimes in a format you've never seen (what's MXF and what software will even let you view it?). What are you supposed to do with those? How are you going to watch the footage? Even if your friend knows how to edit a little bit, does he have the know-how to provide it to you on Blu-ray?
  • The bottom line ~ A professional will tell the story of your wedding day. Using creative camera work, a keen attention to detail, and artistic editing, the pro will produce a wedding video you will watch often and be proud to show others. Friends will try their best to capture little moments throughout the day and piece something together for you. It’s the difference between a feature film and a home movie



Now, who are you going to entrust in capturing the most important day of your life?


Reel to Real Video is a award-winning Sacramento videographer. We offer budget friendly Sacramento videography packages. Our wedding videography is not limited to Sacramento, we travel to surrounding cities like Stockton, Foresthill, Placerville, Marysville, Roseville, Elk Grove, Folsom, Granite Bay, Napa, and more!

Inexpensive Investment

In the sample budget below, you can see that video only represents 5.5% of the overall budget and it’s something you get to keep and treasure forever after the wedding. Plus it serves as a constant reminder of all things you spent so much money on.

Sample Budget

Food -- $9,000
Location -- $3,180
Attire -- $2,970
Alcohol -- $2,400
Flowers -- $2,400
Music -- $1,800
Photography -- $3,200
Videography -- $2,000
Invitations -- $600
Limo & Hotel -- $900
Gifts -- $900
Cake -- $750

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