Happy New Year!!!…Don’t Try This At Your Wedding!

Since it’s New Year’s Eve, we thought this videoclip from Danielle and George’s wedding on Dec. 11 is very appropriate. Warning — grooms and groomsmen do not try this at your wedding. This is something that could quickly bring your party to an end at some venues, but it made for some exciting video none the less.

Everybody Dance Now!

We have worked with a lot of DJs over the years and the sign of a good DJ is their ability to “read” the crowd and Joe from SJ’s Disc Jockey did a fantastic job at Helen and Josh’s wedding at Monte Verde Inn on November 20, 2010. Helen and her father decided to go with a non-traditional father-daughter dance – “Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show – and her guests didn’t miss a beat in chiming in. Seeing their enthusiasm for participation songs, Joe wasted no time in transitioning into some sing-along classics – “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Kung-Fu Fighting, and the “Chicken Dance.” While this kind of music doesn’t work for every wedding, Joe sensed that this crowd was ripe for it, so he called an audible and immediately switched to something that would fit the crowd’s mood and as you can see from the video clip, it was a good call.


Dancing – Josh and Helen Dahlberg from Reel to Real Video on Vimeo.

Danielle and George Pelonis

We ended the year yesterday with Danielle and George’s wedding. They were such a fun couple to shoot and there were many video-worthy moments (including the champagne flying across the dance floor!). The ceremony was held at St. Francis Episcopal Church followed by a grand reception at Palazzo La Dolce Vita. It was our first time shooting at La Dolce Vita and it did not disappoint. In the coming weeks we’ll be hard at work editing their video. Can’t wait for them to see it! In the meantime, here’s a few pics. Enjoy!

And so it begins…

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