Tip: Consider a Live Band

It’s been a while since we have posted a tip on our blog (too busy trying to keep our heads above water with all the weddings we’ve been shooting!), but recently we shot Francesca and James’ wedding and it reminded us how great it is when there’s a live band. It used to be that live bands were a must at weddings. Nowadays, we rarely shoot a wedding with a live band. Maybe it’s the movie the “Wedding Singer” or just the stigma that all they play is elevator music, but it seems like live bands went away in favor of DJs playing music. However, take it from us — you really should consider hiring a live band for your wedding. Whenever we shoot a wedding that has one, the dance party is so much more lively and crazy than when there’s a DJ. There’s something about a live band that gets your guests out on the dance floor, and more importantly keeps them there. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but when there is a live band you’ll see the old folks out there so much more so than when it’s just a DJ playing music. In the case of Francesca and James, they hired the local Sacramento band, Hip Service, and it was one of their best wedding purchases – other than hiring a videographer 🙂 Their dance floor was packed the whole night, and not just with the young people. Plus the band was interactive with the crowd, which really helped keep everyone entertained and out on the floor. Of course, there are budget considerations for any wedding purchase, but take it from us, you won’t be disappointed if you invest in a live band! Here’s a sneak peek of their open dancing:

A great addition to your wedding video!

Recently we put together a honeymoon video as an add-on to a client’s wedding video. What a great idea! The couple gave us all the pictures they took and also some video clips that they shot with their smart phone and we put together a video for them. What’s even better is that we added it as a button on their main menu so it’s a part of their wedding video. We also provided them a link so they could post it on Facebook for all their friends to enjoy. If you are interested in adding something like this onto your wedding video, just let us know. The cost is $100 (digital photos only) or $200 if you want us to mix in video clips as well. Here’s a portion of their 20 minute video for you to check out:

How cute!

Brides always have such cute personalized details for their wedding — from custom made shirts to cake toppers to bridal party gifts, etc. But at Sarah’s wedding this past weekend she had a personalized hanger for her dress that was so cute that I wanted to share it. I don’t know where she got the “Mrs. Asher” hanger, but it makes me want to buy one for me, even though it’s been ten years since I needed it!

Photo Booths

Photo Booths are a fun way to entertain your guests during cocktail hour and throughout the reception. Guests both young and old love being silly and taking some great candid photos as a memento of your wedding. Not every photo booth is created equal, however. A good selection of props is important as is the personality of the photo booth attendant. Here’s a look at Profinish Design Photo Booths who we’ve worked with several times in the past. For more info, you can contact Johnny at www.profinishdesign.com

Consider your surroundings…

A “Reel”y Good Idea #2

Looking for a good hotel to get ready at in Downtown Sacramento? Consider the Citizen Hotel. The rooms there have great architecture and cool wallpaper and carpet. Brides are always looking for beautiful ceremony and reception sites that will show well in photos and video, but they forget about the bridal suite. Some hotel rooms are very bland and it shows in the photos and video.

Add Some Color To Your Dance Floor

A “Reel”y Good Idea #2

To add some color and visual appeal to their dance floor, Joe and Sofia strung paper lanterns and white lights as an alternative to the usual LED uplighting. As you can see in this video clip, it really added visual impact to their video and photos. But lights alone aren’t going to get people on the dance floor. You need a DJ who knows how to work a crowd and Bryan from Music and More didn’t disappoint. They definitely had a great time at their Nov. 6, 2010 wedding at Viaggio Winery.

Don’t Forget the Trial Run of the Eyelashes…

A “Reel”y Good Idea #1

Most brides schedule a hair trial with their hairstylist to make sure there are no surprises on their big day. But not all brides remember to do a makeup trial where they practice wearing false eyelashes. If you’ve never worn them before, it will take some getting used to and you don’t want that trial period happening on your wedding day. When I’m in the bridal suite with brides as they get ready, I notice that a lot of brides aren’t used to the weight of the lashes nor the scraping you can feel in the corner of your eye. The sensation can also make your eyes water. So take the time in the weeks leading up to your wedding to practice wearing the lashes!