No. 186 — Christina and Florin

Yesterday we shot Christina and Florin’s wedding. Every couple has a story of how they got together, but theirs is an international love story. She met Florin while on a church mission and it was love at first sight when Florin came to her aid when she was being hassled by someone. She calls him her “knight in shining armour.” For the next 20 months, they have burned up their cell phone minutes, carrying on an international love affair. They never have to be apart again as they sealed the deal in a beautiful ceremony yesterday at Grace Roman Baptist Church followed by a reception at the Hilton Hotel.

No. 185 – Jazmin and Gabriel

Yesterday we shot Jazmin and Gabriel’s wedding. Their ceremony was at the beautiful, but challenging to shoot at, Morris Chapel at UOP. Some churches are very restrictive of videographers and photographers and Morris Chapel is one of them. That’s why it’s very important to hire a pro who can handle the restrictions. Their reception was minutes away at the Best Western Heritage Inn in Stockton. If it’s lucky to have rain on your wedding day, then they will have loads of good luck in store for them because it poured! Good thing everything was already scheduled to happen indoors.

If you’re wondering what the number 185 refers to, starting with this post we are including the count of how many weddings we have shot. We are closing in on number “200” which is a big deal for us. Videography is only included in about 25% of weddings, so while this may not be that impressive of a number if you are a photographer or a DJ, it is impressive for a videographer to have shot this many in only nine years of business.

Wild Weddings!

Recently we had an opportunity to participate in the open house the Sacramento Zoo held for prospective brides. The Zoo is actually one of the little known treasures in Sacramento. People flock to the zoo everyday but not as many know that it is actually a really cool wedding site. We shot a wedding in June of last year and we were amazed at all the fun spots to take photos/video. It’s also a great venue for your guests because while you are busy taking pictures during cocktail hour, they are free to roam the zoo. It’s kind of a a neat experience to be the only people at the zoo after hours. We put together a little promo video for the zoo. Enjoy!