No. 311 – Angie and Christopher



Client: Angie and Christopher

Date: February 14, 2015 ~ Valentine’s Day!

Ceremony & Reception Location: Catta Verdera Country Club, Lincoln, CA

Color Scheme/Theme: Purple and Silver with some Scottish elements. Angie out-did herself coming up with unique elements for their wedding. She created a Mad-Lib guest book, individual riddles for her guests to help them find their seat, and a “Kissing Menu” if guests wanted to get them to kiss (instead of the usual clanking of glasses). Even her program was non-traditional, providing a guide to having to sit through a wedding!

Fun Fact: She pulled off a flower-less wedding! She created her own bouquet made out of a variety of unique brooches. This girl needs to start up an Etsy shop!

Memorable Moment: There were so many that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but it would have to be the personal vows they exchanged. They managed to evoke laughter and tears at the same, and they even included a Sharknado reference!

Fabulous Vendors: We had the pleasure of working again with Steve from Function 45 Entertainment ( Steve really goes the extra mile to make sure the guests are entertained and of course that makes our job easier because we get plenty of entertaining footage to work with! His wife Tanya also did an outstanding job attending to the photo booth. She didn’t just help the guests operate the booth, she also created a very crafty, personal keepsake for the couple that included photos from the booth as well as elements from their wedding (their program, place cards, menu, and even their vows). We can’t wait to work with this dynamic duo again!