No. 324 – Megan and Nick

Client: Megan & Nick

Date: July 11, 2015

Ceremony & Reception Location: Cameron Park Country Club, Cameron Park, CA

Two Peas in a Pod Nick’s brother did a fantastic job officiating the ceremony where he dispelled Paula Abdul’s “opposites attract” theory. Megan and Nick are anything but opposites — they met at the same school where they were studying to teach the same subject and then they went on to get jobs teaching math at the same school. They even have the same video game obsession!

Great Idea!: They set out wooden sticks for the guests to write on, asking them their opinion on ideas for a great date night.

Best One-Liner:Nick’s best man killed it during his toast when he pondered the question, “Would I marry Nick?”

Hands off:It seemed like Megan & Nick had kind of a hands-off approach to the wedding — they put trust in the people they chose and let them do their job. They had no idea what Nick’s brother was going to prepare for the ceremony and they let friends Jane and Matt surprise them with the song choice for their performance during the ceremony. Not micro-managing and just trusting in people really paid off for them and allowed them to enjoy their day so much more!