No. 312 – Meghan and Michael


Client: Meghan and Michael

Date: April 25, 2015

Ceremony & Reception Location: Lake Natoma Inn, Folsom, CA

Fun Fact: They had a wedding crasher! – Meghan’s high school teacher traveled all the way from Florida to surprise her former student.

Memorable Moment: Meghan’s grandfather served as officiant and it was so touching to see him get so emotional giving away his granddaughter. Not a dry eye in the place!

Great Idea: They placed childhood photos of themselves on the tables and each table number corresponded to their age in the photo.

Impressive No-Show: They were met at their head table with an envelope from the White House. President Obama sent his regrets that he couldn’t attend and wished them luck with their marriage.

Fabulous Vendors: It was fun to work again with Leslie from Green Vintage Photography and Larry with Extreme Productions always puts on a good show.