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Looking for some inspiration for your wedding? Want to see real footage of what your venue looks like decorated? Look no further than Reel to Real Video’s Pinterest page. We have detailed video clips on there to aide you in your wedding planning. And keep looking back for new posts as we shoot more weddings. We are fortunate to work with some really impressive vendors and clients and we are always amazed at how great the wedding details turn out. Now we can share it with everyone!

No. 237 – Laura and Obinna

Yesterday we stayed close to home and shot our first wedding at the beautiful Sacramento Grand Ballroom. Laura and Obinna found love in Texas and traveled to her hometown to make it official in front of their family and friends. Being from two different cultures, it was important for them to blend elements from both of their backgrounds to honor both sides of their family. So once the party got underway, they ditched their tuxedo and gown and changed into traditional Nigerian attire. The couples’ love for athletics and fun brought them together and they definitely brought that attitude to their wedding. Their enthusiasm was evident from their recessional (didn’t even wait to be introduced before they bolted down the aisle!) to their grand entrance (where Obinna leap-frogged over Laura). The couple is headed back to Texas and we are now tasked with giving them a video that they’ll treasure forever. Their grand entrance was something that everyone was sure to be talking about today, so we have included a sneak peek of it below:

Tip: Consider a Live Band

It’s been a while since we have posted a tip on our blog (too busy trying to keep our heads above water with all the weddings we’ve been shooting!), but recently we shot Francesca and James’ wedding and it reminded us how great it is when there’s a live band. It used to be that live bands were a must at weddings. Nowadays, we rarely shoot a wedding with a live band. Maybe it’s the movie the “Wedding Singer” or just the stigma that all they play is elevator music, but it seems like live bands went away in favor of DJs playing music. However, take it from us — you really should consider hiring a live band for your wedding. Whenever we shoot a wedding that has one, the dance party is so much more lively and crazy than when there’s a DJ. There’s something about a live band that gets your guests out on the dance floor, and more importantly keeps them there. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but when there is a live band you’ll see the old folks out there so much more so than when it’s just a DJ playing music. In the case of Francesca and James, they hired the local Sacramento band, Hip Service, and it was one of their best wedding purchases – other than hiring a videographer 🙂 Their dance floor was packed the whole night, and not just with the young people. Plus the band was interactive with the crowd, which really helped keep everyone entertained and out on the floor. Of course, there are budget considerations for any wedding purchase, but take it from us, you won’t be disappointed if you invest in a live band! Here’s a sneak peek of their open dancing:

No. 236 – Verenis and Joseph

Yesterday we traveled to Morris Chapel on the campus of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA to celebrate as Verenis and Joseph said their “I Do’s” in front of their family and friends. The weather was outstanding and perhaps the only thing that looked better than the exterior of Morris Chapel, was Verenis in her gown! Following the ceremony, this super sweet couple headed to Lodi to the Woman’s Club for a reception that featured mariachis, a photo booth, and LOTS of dancing! Enjoy this look at their ceremony:

No. 235 – Courtney and Blake

On Saturday we finished up our double-header weekend by traveling to the Family Church in Roseville to celebrate as Courtney and Blake tied the knot. It was a perfect day for this super sweet couple. Their ceremony featured some of the best musical performances we’ve seen in a while, not to mention a pastor with a great sense of humor! Following the ceremony, we headed to Willam Jessup University in Rocklin for their reception. This young couple must be loved by many people because the reception was packed! Here’s a sneak peek at their ceremony:

No. 234 – Lauren and Matt

For the last eight years Lauren and Matt have only had eyes for each other and on Friday they made it official in a beautiful wedding at the Grand Island Mansion. It’s been about two years since we shot a wedding at the Mansion and we were really impressed with some of the improvements that they’ve done there. The setting was picture perfect as Lauren and Matt exchanged their vows in front of friends and family. They even personalized the event to fit their love of soccer — with Lauren wearing soccer shoes and their recessional featuring a soccer kick into a goal. During the reception, guests were treated to a photo booth, an ice cream sundae bar, and the theatre playing their slideshow and later movies for the kids. All in all, the day was flawless — it just went by way too fast! The happy couple is off to Kauai while we get to work on documenting their big day! For the time being, enjoy this sneak peek at their exchange of vows and rings, and of course a look at their unique recessional! Congrats Lauren and Matt!