It’s Not About the Money

Many brides we met with at yesterday’s Bridal Showcase at Cal Expo were surprised to find that videography is something that can fit within their budget. Not only are our prices very reasonable for what we offer (unlimited hours, two camera operators, 4 HD cameras), but unlike many wedding vendors, we work with you on your deposit schedule and final payment. We only require half of the package price to shoot the wedding – usually broke up into two 25% payments. The final payment is not due until after the wedding when we have the video finished. We are confident in our work and we trust our clients, so we don’t feel a need to force our clients to pay everything up front before we even show up to the wedding. We are also willing to hold onto a video past the time it is finished until you are able to make your final payment. For us, preserving memories is our main goal and money comes secondary. So if you really like our work and want to work with us, accommodations can always be made.

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