No. 224 – Jackie & Sam

Even after shooting over 200 weddings, we still run across weddings that are “new” to us. We had never shot a traditional Kenyan wedding until Saturday when we filmed Jackie & Sam’s wedding. Many aspects of the day were very similar to what we were used to; probably the biggest difference in a traditional Kenyan wedding is the amount of enthusiasm of the guests. We couldn’t believe the amount of singing and dancing that we saw from their family and friends. The day started with the groom’s family coming to the bride’s house and escorting her to her awaiting limo, all while singing and dancing. Then following the ceremony all of the guests sang and danced the bride and the groom into the reception hall. It was definitely a new experience for us trying to film in a sea of people! It was a bittersweet day for Jackie’s family as they literally said “goodbye” to their daughter. Following their honeymoon, Jackie is headed straight to Seattle to live with her new husband. It was quite an emotional day all around. Below is a sneak peek at the wedding ceremony. Congrats to the happy couple!

Sam & Jackie Ceremony Preview from Reel to Real Video on Vimeo.