No. 290 – Kristin and Scott

Yesterday we were lucky enough to share in Kristin and Scott’s beautiful wedding held at Silva’s Sheldon Inn in Elk Grove, CA. Where do I even begin when talking about how we spent our day? Do I talk about the beautiful venue Kristin and Scott chose to get married at that we had never been to before and one that provided such a gorgeous backdrop for their vintage chic wedding? Do I talk about what had to be many months of thought that went into all of the little details which blended a garden setting with vintage décor and a Scrabble theme? Do I talk about the ice cream bar they set up in lieu of a cake that featured the cutest ice cream stand complete with a pink pinstriped server, custom printed ice cream cups and plenty of yummy toppings? Or do I talk about how I am always amazed and impressed with those couples who do not shy away from expressing how they feel about one another and boldly stand in front of their family and friends and pour their hearts out to one another? It is those precious moments where we all get a glimpse into their love story that I want to focus on. And it all began when Scott saw Kristin walk down the aisle:

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