No. 299 — Jaimee and Jeremey

Yesterday we wrapped up our double-header weekend with Jaimee and Jeremey’s red-hot wedding at Granite Bay Golf Club. This couple definitely took their time getting to the aisle. Eleven years and a beautiful daughter later, they decided to make it official in front of friends and family in a ceremony that can only be described as a scorcher. The weather was such a factor for their ceremony that it was hard for Jaimee and Jeremey to keep their composure considering Jeremey was staring straight into the sun. And after they caught a glimpse of their melting groomsmen, the giggles ensued. Following their ceremony, the event was moved inside the Conservatory and guests were treated to some air-conditioning and a gorgeous reception that included vintage decor, much of which Jaimee made herself. So crafty! Here’s a sneak peek at their ceremony: