No. 314 – Allison and Grant


Client: Allison and Grant

Date: May 16, 2015

Ceremony & Reception Location: Their beautiful new home in Davis, CA

Timing: They got married exactly one year to the date and in the exact location where Grant proposed. Construction began on the house in October of 2014 and finished days before the ceremony. Now that’s a nail biter!

Now that’s entertaining: Allison’s background and connections in local theatre made for a great surprise for everyone during dinner. Together with a few of her theatre pals, she created a musical “Love Story” to entertain her guests and Grant. It detailed in song Allison and Grant’s 12 year road to the aisle!

Family Matters: Family is very important to this couple, so they made sure to include their family members in many ways. Just to name a few — Allison’s sister served as MOH and officiant, her cousin played the flute during the ceremony, and even their beloved dog Scout played a role as ring bearer.

Fabulous Vendors: Hopefully Brenda Hodges ( is getting some much needed rest after working overtime to make sure that every detail of Allison’s dream materialized! We also enjoyed working for the first time with their photographer Amy ( who we found out is actually a neighbor of ours. Go figure!