You be the judge…

If you have done any research into videography, you’ll notice that there’s two flavors of it — documentary and cinematic. We definitely put ourselves in the documentary category. Our goal is to provide you candid, comprehensive coverage of the event — including lots of coverage of your friends and family. We’ve been in the business for 15 years and we’ve seen trends come and go and one of the trends these days is for companies just to provide a 3 minute film of your big day. However, we feel like 3 minutes just doesn’t do your event justice. You are going to want to see so much more than that! So that’s why we still provide a full length video with all of the key moments in their entirety and we also include a highlight video — but ours is much more comprehensive at 10 minutes long.

So for comparison purposes we wanted to show how much more coverage you get in one of our 10 minute highlight videos versus a 3 minute teaser.

Here’s a 3 minute teaser from a recent wedding we shot:

Now here’s our 10 minute highlight video from the same wedding: