Great personal vows!

Anyone who knows Sarah and Tom knows how much they love to laugh. They have such a great sense of humor that they even chose to get married on April Fool’s Day. When it came time to share their personal vows, they didn’t disappoint. Sometimes couples are hesitant to write personal vows because they find it to be too mushy. But these vows prove that you can also share vows that are humorous as well as heart-felt.

Wild Weddings!

Recently we had an opportunity to participate in the open house the Sacramento Zoo held for prospective brides. The Zoo is actually one of the little known treasures in Sacramento. People flock to the zoo everyday but not as many know that it is actually a really cool wedding site. We shot a wedding in June of last year and we were amazed at all the fun spots to take photos/video. It’s also a great venue for your guests because while you are busy taking pictures during cocktail hour, they are free to roam the zoo. It’s kind of a a neat experience to be the only people at the zoo after hours. We put together a little promo video for the zoo. Enjoy!

Photo Booths

Photo Booths are a fun way to entertain your guests during cocktail hour and throughout the reception. Guests both young and old love being silly and taking some great candid photos as a memento of your wedding. Not every photo booth is created equal, however. A good selection of props is important as is the personality of the photo booth attendant. Here’s a look at Profinish Design Photo Booths who we’ve worked with several times in the past. For more info, you can contact Johnny at

Elks Tower

Getting married at a church in downtown Sacramento? Have you considered having the reception at the Elks Tower? We’ve shot there several times now and think it’s a great location. It has so much more personality than a hotel ballroom and it comes across beautifully in photos and video. If you are getting married at the Cathedral, it’s so convenient for you and your guests to just be able to walk across the street to the reception.


Here’s a recent dove release we shot on the steps of the Capitol. Dove releases can be tricky to capture on video but this one was a success especially considering there was a tent up because it was raining and we weren’t quite sure what the doves were going to do. If you are looking into doves, contact Anna with Whitebird Dove Releases at (916) 443-2165. Sometimes couples decide to go with butterflies instead of doves, but trust us, Anna’s doves always deliver whereas butterflies often are a disappointment.

Larry & Cindy

First and foremost, I want to say that I don’t claim to be a professional photographer by any means and don’t really have an interest in being a wedding photographer, (I love videography), but at a recent wedding I filled in a little for the couple and put together this slideshow to share with the bride and groom. Enjoy Larry and Cindy!

Now that’s brave!

As we mentioned in our earlier post, most brides are nervous walking down the aisle, hoping they won’t trip…but not Dorissa. She had the guts to sing a song to her husband-to-be as she walked down the aisle. It will still be a while before her finished video is ready to view, but we just had to get this clip up for everyone to see.

Happy New Year!!!…Don’t Try This At Your Wedding!

Since it’s New Year’s Eve, we thought this videoclip from Danielle and George’s wedding on Dec. 11 is very appropriate. Warning — grooms and groomsmen do not try this at your wedding. This is something that could quickly bring your party to an end at some venues, but it made for some exciting video none the less.

Everybody Dance Now!

We have worked with a lot of DJs over the years and the sign of a good DJ is their ability to “read” the crowd and Joe from SJ’s Disc Jockey did a fantastic job at Helen and Josh’s wedding at Monte Verde Inn on November 20, 2010. Helen and her father decided to go with a non-traditional father-daughter dance – “Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show – and her guests didn’t miss a beat in chiming in. Seeing their enthusiasm for participation songs, Joe wasted no time in transitioning into some sing-along classics – “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Kung-Fu Fighting, and the “Chicken Dance.” While this kind of music doesn’t work for every wedding, Joe sensed that this crowd was ripe for it, so he called an audible and immediately switched to something that would fit the crowd’s mood and as you can see from the video clip, it was a good call.


Dancing – Josh and Helen Dahlberg from Reel to Real Video on Vimeo.