No. 411 – Suzanne and Donald

Client: Suzanne and Donald

Date: July 2, 2018

Wedding Location: Delta King, Old Sacramento

Check out this sneak peek of their ceremony:

No. 264 – Jessey and Dave

On Saturday we wrapped up our double-header weekend with Jessey and Dave’s vintage-inspired wedding aboard the Delta King in Old Sacramento, CA. Jessey knocked herself out with all the time and effort she put in on the decor. We’ve never seen the Delta King look so good! Everywhere you looked there was a special added touch — from the photos hanging from the sconces to what must have been 20-30 custom painted signs. But this was all just window-dressing, what really stole the show was Jessey and Dave’s visible love for each other. Here’s a sneak peek at their heartfelt vows and ring exchange:

No. 258 – Kaila and Zach

Yesterday we wrapped up our busy weekend with Kaila and Zach’s daytime wedding aboard the Delta King in Old Sacramento. Hiring a wedding videographer was a last minute consideration for them, but we are so glad they chose to include us because if any couple should have their wedding filmed it’s these two. Their big personalities provided plenty of exciting footage that we know they are going to treasure. They are headed off to Disneyland for their honeymoon and we can’t wait to start going through their footage. It’s going to be very entertaining! In the meantime, here’s a look at their ceremony:

No. 222 – Brena and Nathan

Yesterday we celebrated with Brena and Nathan as they Got married at the Delta King in Sacramento. The day was full of surprises – a lost but soon found ring, a pregnancy announcement, and clear skies after a week of wicked weather. The bride looked stunning in her gown and Nathan made the perfect groom – spending the moments before the ceremony meticulously setting up the reception ballroom. The happy couple is headed off to Fort Bragg and we’re hard at work putting together a video they’re sure to treasure forever. Usually our sneak peek video includes a portion of the couple’s ceremony, but since their ceremony was short and sweet (less than ten minutes overall) we’ve included the entire ceremony for them to enjoy!

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