No. 333 – Christina and Mike

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Client: Christina and Mike

Date: September 12, 2015

Ceremony & Reception Location: Palmdale Estates, Fremont, CA

Setting: The grandeur of Palmdale Estates provided the perfect backdrop for Christina and Mike’s 1920’s themed wedding. Walking up to the Mansion you really felt like you were being transported back in time to a different era. And Christina and Mike took that feeling and ran with it, encouraging guests to dress up in 1920’s flapper attire and really make an affair of it!

programThe theme: I am a sucker for a theme wedding and this one probably takes the cake for our 2015 weddings. The attention to detail was incredible! From the newspaper-style program to the “Prohibition Ends” cocktail favors, they went above and beyond to make their guests feel like they were in a Great Gatsby novel. Many guests arrived already dressed to impress circa 1920 but for those who didn’t the couple provided suspenders for the men and headpieces for the ladies so everyone could be all dolled up. What a way to make everyone feel a part of the event!

Great idea: Instead of a traditional guest book they had their guests fill out Vintage postcards that will be mailed to them throughout the first year of their marriage. Rather than going through all the well wishes immediately after the wedding, how cool to receive them periodically throughout the year!

Another great idea: Christina and Mike went above and beyond when it came to taking care of their guests. Their wedding included a photo booth, cigar bar, a live jazz band, a dessert bar, and a candle bar. What’s that? You’ve never heard of a candle bar? Neither had we! Guests were given steps on how to assemble their very own candle by assembling various scents. What a unique idea!

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