No. 229 – Veronica and Mike

Five days ago I was contacted by Veronica and Mike. They said that their wedding is Saturday, June 2nd and they decided that they would forever regret it if they didn’t hire a videographer. Luckily, we still had the date open (can you believe it — an open Saturday in June?)! So yesterday we shot their wedding at a Romanian church in Sacramento followed by a reception at the Rocklin Event Center. When they booked us, they said that it was really important to them that we get really good coverage of all of the craziness that will happen at their reception. We thought, sure, how much dancing can you really film? Well in their case, A LOT!!! Their wedding must have been one of the best receptions we’ve ever attended. Not only was there the usual reception events, but there were also bride and groom kidnappings, dancing on tables, guests spraying champagne, and a lot of really good dancing. Not only are Veronica and Mike really nice people who looked stunning on their big day, they are also super comfortable in front of the camera which made for some spectacular video. We also got to work with one of our favorite photogs — Chuck and Mackenzie from Chuck Roberts Photography. Their understanding of lighting made for some gorgeous footage from Mike and Veronica’s Capitol photo shoot. We can’t wait to finish their video for them and we are so happy that we could capture every moment of their big day because it is surely something they will want to remember forever! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at their ceremony for all of their family and friends in Romania to see: