No. 331 – Laura and Jesse

Robbins 2
Client: Laura and Jesse

Date: August 30, 2015

Ceremony Location: St. Anthony’s Church, Walnut Grove, CA

Reception Location: Grand Island Mansion, Walnut Grove, CA

bubbles 2 The Setting: St. Anthony’s Church is such a beautiful, classic church with a beautiful brick facade. The image of Laura and Jesse exiting the church after the ceremony with their guests surrounding them in bubbles was such a gorgeous image.

That’s a first!: Of the 331 weddings we have shot, probably at least a 100 of them have been Catholic ceremonies and we experienced a first with Laura and Jesse’s wedding — they were able to write and express their own vows to each other during the service. Laura said it’s because their priest is super cool and fun. Yes he is!

re-creationGreat idea!: Laura’s parents have a classic wedding photo from when they got married and Laura and Jesse wanted to re-create that photo for their own wedding. It’s really funny how photography poses have changed over the years and it was comical watching them re-create the photo. Laura is kinda sassy and her bridesmaids were getting a kick out of her being so angelic. They chose Nicole from XSiGHT Studios as their photographer and if you’ve done your homework on photographers, you know that XSight is known for the looks they create. I’m sure this pose was probably a first for Nicole.

No. 309 – Nicole and Carlo

On Wednesday we wrapped up our 2014 wedding season with Nicole and Carlo’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Surrounded by family and friends, Nicole and Carlo made it official at St. Anthony’s Church in Walnut Grove. They then headed down the road to the Grand Island Mansion for their elegant reception. Nicole did an outstanding job with the decor and bringing her vision to life. The Mansion looked superb and provided the perfect backdrop to ring in the New Year. We are so excited to have shared in such a happy occasion with these two super nice people and we can’t wait to put together a video they’ll treasure forever!